About The Photographer

Chloe Tibbatts (b. 1996 Reading) is a Fine Art/Documentary photographer currently studying a BA in Visual Communication: Photography at Birmingham City University with plans to complete an MA in Art Psychotherapy. Her work consists of personal projects exploring a range of themes such as water, mortality, memory, alternative lifestyles, femininity and the psychological effects of taking a photograph.

“Inspired by the natural world, I look to create tactile, fine art photography that investigates my relationship with nature and memory. Nostalgia is a prevalent theme within my work as I explore the impact of time and the way locations can absorb our history and experiences. Having struggled with anxiety and depression, my work is often influenced by difficult moments from my past. Whilst some of my themes are dispiriting, I always strive to capture beauty in my images whether through romanticism or impressionism. I use photography as a form of meditation to help me clarify the way I feel to myself and to others. By taking images, I regain control of my emotions which eases my fears and allows me to continue moving forward. In a way, it is a form of therapy. I hope that through my images, I can communicate a sense of myself to the viewer and memorialise moment from my life that have had an impact on me. As time passes, I will continue to monitor the effect creating these images will have on the way I remember events.”